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From small independent restaurants, to coast-to-coast franchises

Here at Technic POS we bring together over 40 years of experience helping businesses reach their goals through the integration of technology that better equips them to serve their customers more effeciently while maxamizing profits.

  • We offer many services that range from customized software to full scale Point of Sale solutions
  • We offer 24/7 support for our hardware and software
  • We can help you find what technology is the right fit for your company

We can outift your business with the latest technology through partnerships with industry leading products as well as custom solutions that fit your needs. Contact us now to arrange a chance to talk with one of our specialists and we can put you on the path to greater success in your industry.

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At Technic POS it is our goal to connect our customers with the right technology to get the job done. To meet the needs of our customers our services range from hardware to software and the experience needed to get you started.


Point of Sale solutions, Kitchen Displays, Peripherals, Digital Menu Boards

Software & Services

Pixel Point, Food&Liquor Inventory, Kitchen Display Systems, Digital Menu Boards, Surveillance Systems, Draught Meters, Reporting & Analytics, Online & App Ordering


Loyalty Programs, Credit Card Processing, Professional Services, Consulting, Menu Development, Head Office, Back Office, Gift Cards


24/7 Support with agents ready to assist when you need it the most with packages that will fit the scope of your operation

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Outfitting your company with the right technology or finding the best support for its use can be a difficult task. We would be happy to have a conversation with you about your business and the possible ways in which we can help manage the load through the use of technology. If you use the form below to contact us with your details one of our team members will promptly get back to you and we can started.

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21-1085 Bellamy Road N, Toronto, ON M1H 3C7


+1 866 483 2464
+1 416 297 9677

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